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roles and responsibilities

We all enter marriage hoping for the best. We want the picture-perfect relationship where nothing ever goes wrong. But we all find out that doesn't exist. Marriage is hard work, and "becoming one" takes effort. But what do you do when it's impossible to become one? What do you do when one spouse is either unable or unwilling to come together? In this week's message, we take a look at God's rules for unhealthy marriages.

FEBRUARY Message Series


Whether you are currently married, hope to be someday, single, or divorced... there will be something here for you. What does the Bible say about each spouse's role? And how we should communicate? Are we supposed to work as a team? Or as two independent parties with similar goals? What do we do with our finances? Our children? Our schedules? Marriage is tricky. But lucky for us, the Bible clearly answers all of these questions for us...

9AM & 10:30AM

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