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the local church

We don't really need the local church, do we?  I mean, you don't have to go to church to be a Christian, right?  Besides, if you're gonna be involved in something, why not be involved in something that really makes a difference?  Disaster relief, feeding the hungry, fighting to end slavery around the world.  With so many options, why do we need the local church at all?  In this week's message, we discover God's plan for the local church and why it should weigh heavy on all of our hearts.

FROM the heart

During the course of a year, we try to cover a wide range of spiritual topics in our message series, in the hopes that we all would grow in our relationship with God. But there are times when certain messages don't fit inside a "normal series". Over the next few weeks, our teaching pastors will be sharing what God has laid on their hearts; what God has stirred up inside of them. Our hope is that God would move in your hearts in a powerful way as our pastors share from their own.


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