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foolproof finances

The average American has made a mess of their finances - over $17,000 in credit card debt, almost $30,000 in auto loans, and 78% living paycheck to paycheck.  We have a hard time handling our money.  But none of us want to live under that kind of stress and anxiety.  In this week's message, we take a look at God's foolproof wisdom for our money, and try to understand why He would ask us to do something so crazy.


"I pity the fool" was a line made famous by Mr. T in the 1980's, but it's actually a sentiment stretching back thousands of years.  No one wants to be a fool and make poor decisions in life, but it's becoming increasingly hard to find good advice today.  How can we make wise choices?

Throughout the book of Proverbs, God illustrates the difference between the wise and the foolish.  In fact, Solomon starts off his writings by saying, "Let a wise person listen and increasing learning."  During this series, we'll be taking some of his most practical advice and learning how to apply it to our everyday lives.


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