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pray together

It's one of the most vulnerable things we can do with our spouse: pray together. For most couples, it's uncomfortable and awkward. But studies have shown that this one act can significantly increase marital connectedness and satisfaction, almost more than any other one thing. In this week's message, we discuss the benefits of praying with your spouse and how to get started in this practice.

When two people get married, their vision for the future is full of sunsets, selfies, and smooth sailing.  No one ever plans for difficulties...but why then do half of marriages end in divorce?  Could it be that there's more to marriage than what we see in movies and social media?

During the month of February, we'll be diving into Biblical principles that will enable and encourage couples to keep their focus on the right path for their marriage.  After all, when we said our vows, none of us really wanted the "...or for worse part."  We all wanted "For Better."


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