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Early believers talked about Jesus everywhere they went. It didn't matter if it was a conversation with one person, or a message to thousands, they couldn't help getting the word out. Even in the face of incredible persecution, they were radically devoted to sharing the Good News. In this week's message, we discover how we can learn to be ambassadors for God in our cultural context.

What's the one thing you wish you had more of?  For most of us, it's money.  We believe that money would solve most of our problems.  We believe that money would eliminate most of our stress.  We believe that money would help us get the things we want, and when we have the things we want then we'd be happy.

But what if there's something more valuable than money?  What if there's something we could obtain that would give us all the "benefits" of money, plus even more?  Solomon, the wisest man to ever live, told us that there is something - something better than silver, gold, or any other treasure...


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