the 4before

Life can get pretty busy - work, family, vacations, and so on.  When things get too hectic, our relationship with God starts to slip.  We believe that keeping these 4 things as priorities in our lives will help us stay connected to God and keep us from accidentally drifting away.

  • Attend weekend services regularly.

    Great music, fantastic kids programming and a message from the Bible that actually makes sense.  Regular weekend attendance helps keep you connected with the heartbeat of Access and what God is doing in our church.

  • join a group.

    Connecting with other people, who want to follow Jesus as well, gives us an opportunity to grow in our understanding of Biblical principles.  Through studying the Bible and real conversations, we can learn how to live out our faith.

  • be generous with your resources.

    Jesus said "Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." (Matt. 6:21)  We stay connected to God when our most valuable resources, our time and money, are invested in His work, the local church.

  • invite others.

    It becomes harder for us to drift from God when we are constantly inviting other people to experience God like we have.  When we keep our minds and hearts focused on reaching people who are far from God, we can't help but be close to Him.